Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ring Dog Rescue Troop

So I traveled to Richmond, a few Saturdays ago to particpate in the Ring Dog Rescue.  They are a Richmond, VA based pitbull rescue.  The store World of Mirth was donating a portion of their daily sales to the rescue.  If you never been to World of Mirth, it is a very cool store.  Full of nerdy, fun, and cutesy stuff.

I of course fell in love with the puppy Oscar.  I mean look at that face.

After the troop we walked around a few different places before finally going to Galaxy Diner.  I have to say Richmond is growing on me.  This was definitely a fun troop. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

trooping here and there

I've been very busy.  Too busy in fact.  My batteries are on low.

I got my Princess Leia costume.  Two days later I got approved.  :)  This was at last weekend's Awesome Con.  I have to say it was pretty good.  I hope our con will be as well received 

Timothy Zahn and I.  My friend's camera is a little meh.  But still.  It was great to hang out with him.  He came to our after party even too.  Talk to another author Janine Spendlove and her husband who were lovely folks.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marathon of Troops

So in the past 3 weeks I've done six troops with the 501st.

Katsucon Masquerade-2/15/2014
 Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Pack 157-2/21/2014
 Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Pack 458-2/22/2014
Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Pack 117-2/25/2014
 Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Pack 1530-2/28/2014
 Alexandria's St. Patrick Parade-3/1/2014

All very fun.  I don't have pics from the last two cub scout events, since we didn't have a photographer.

 Katsucon 2014

B&G Banquet 2/21/2014

Alexandria St. Patrick's Parade

Monday, January 27, 2014

Future Costumes

One cannot have too many costumes...

These are my next plans for 2014 and 2015.

Princess Leia
Premier: hopefully May time frame
I found the dress and belt on Etsy that's Rebel Legion approved.  The dress seems simple enough to make, but I just don't have the time anymore to devote to sewing.  The hair is probably the most aggravating part for me.  Everyone thinks my hair is long and thick, but it's because the curls take up more space.  Really it's thin.  So gonna experiment with extensions and such.

Pacific Rim Flight Suit
Premier: Shatterdome Con, Herndon, VA in November.
My friend is going to do fem-Raleigh, and I'll do Mako Mori.  We're using this shot as inspiration.  One of my Marine friends is grabbing me a flight suit.  Got to get the bomber jacket and patches.  Rather inexpensive costume to make, except the bomber jacket will be pricey.  The nice ones always are.

Twilight Sparkle
Con: Bronycon in August.
Going to get the horn and tail probably from YaYan Han's shop at Katsucon.  There are a few shops on Etsy that sell the skirt and top.  

Bilbo Baggins
Cons: ?
Cosplay sky sells a nice version of this costume.  Not sure when/where I'd wear this.  But I want this costume now!  :D
 I'll have to find a nice version of Sting.  May have to get a version I can bring into cons, so a not-live steel version.

Bellatrix LeStrange
Cons: DragonCon?
Cosplay Sky also sells this, but not a very good version.  It's an excuse to buy another corset.  I could probably store buy this costume, just the arm wraps be an interesting little project.  I found her necklace and wand on Etsy for relatively decent prices.

Imperial Royal Guard
I've always been in love with the Imperial Royal Guard costume.  I love the color red.  I met a gentleman at one troop that had this costume and it's just so impressive.  I am a little short, but doesn't really matter in the 501st.  I can always wear lifts to add a little height.  I can probably sew the soft parts of the costume.  I heard one of the biggest problems with this costume is getting a decent mask.  I did find a source, but I'm not financially just ready for this project yet.  

I've always wanted to do a handmaiden costume and get into the Rebel Legion in some sort of way.  But this project is not high priority at all.  Probably it'll be if I have time and money, so it probably won't happen for a good long time.  

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Showing horses can be a very complex ordeal.

USDF Medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Saturday nights have been dinner nights.  After barn chores we go to a restaurant to eat before going back to the barn to do night check.  It's really my chore, but my friends have been helping me since well they're awesome.

Last night Friend 1 and I started talking about showing.  Friend 2 is very new to the whole horse showing world.  And so we had to explain to her all the awards and divisions and different goals that one can pursue.

For my non horse friends.  When I show dressage I enter tests.  Generally you can only do 2 tests per day.  The judge scores each movement 0-10.  0 (movement not shown) 10 (you're awesome!)

To get 100 is impossible.  Horses aren't machines.  Horses have strengths and weaknesses just like their riders.

80s (you're freaking superwoman)
70s (you rocked the house)
60s (generally most folks are in this range.)
50s(well good try)
40s and below....  (to score this low is well you need to rethink the whole agenda)

Short Term Awards
USDF All Breeds
I need to collect 8 scores from 4 different judges at 4 different shows.
Median must be 60% or higher.
Sith Pony would be competing against other horses in her breed association for scores.

Long Term Goals
This is a personal goal.  Earning "Medals" in the United States Dressage Federation is not only a personal thing but also for professional riders mean a of advertising yourself or to get into programs that the USDF offers.  For amateur riders its a special hooray.  I do teach children how to ride.  I'm not on the pro level that say my friends Renee Carter or Lauren Sprieser are at.  But by definition the USDF and USEF I am recognize as such.

Bronze Medal
2 scores 60%+ at First Level
2 scores 60%+ at Second Level
2 scores 60%+ at Third Level

But I want to eventually become a USDF judge.  To get into the "Learning" judge program I need 3 scores at 60% and 2nd level. As I want to work up the judging ranks I'll have to get my Bronze, Silver, and then Gold if I want to be more "advanced" judge.  Dressage is very systematic.  The dressage pyramid is amazing.  Great programs.

See I told you it gets complex.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Imperial Officer "Cavalry" Shoot

My friend who does professional equine photography came to our barn and did a photo shoot with 3 of us equestrian gals.  I already have enough pretty pictures of the Sith Pony.  She's pretty she makes for pretty pictures.  But I don't do a lot of nerdy photo shoots with my horse.  Actually since I never showed it off, here's our side saddle shot.  I think I'll try and make a matching apron for Davera's side saddle show next year.

Anywho.  Here's some of the shots from Kayla's photo shoot.

 photo 340_zps92d501f3.jpg   photo 310-Copy_zps21e249c6.jpg

Full gallery:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Richmond Christmas Parade

I did the Richmond Christmas Parade with Garrison Tyranus on Dec 7th.  I heard many of the members call this the 3 mile death march.

There was a lot of walking.

We froze to death.

But it was a hella good time.